What is Frozen Shoulder: All You Need to Know

What is frozen shoulder? That is a question for common people when they hear about the word frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder symptoms affect almost every people in the world but they might do not realize the first symptoms. It is estimated to affect 1 in every 20 people, at range age 40 to 60 years old and mostly women. We have to know what is frozen shoulder symptoms. The symptoms usually build up over months or years and neglected day by day.

Knowing What is Frozen Shoulder Phase?
What is frozen shoulder is something that you should be able to diagnose yourself. Otherwise it might get worse day by day. When you are having stiffness and pain on your shoulder it is a first sign of the symptom. It also will decrease the ability of your shoulder joint to move around. In some severe case, it also can make your shoulder to stop moving. It happen because the bands of scar tissue created inside the shoulder capsule. Which make it swelling, tighten and thickening at the same time. You have to define where your pain stage is. There are 3 stages that can define how severe is your pain.

You have to know what is frozen shoulder stages to determine your illness. Knowing what is frozen shoulder stages allows you to find the match treatment. These stages did not mean to go from ease to worse, but can be vice versa. When your shoulder starts to feel aches and start to feel pain when reach out for something, it means you already in the first stage of frozen shoulder often know as freezing phase. Mostly this stage last for 2-9 month before continues stage two that refer to the frozen phase. At frozen phase, your shoulder may become very stiff but in the same time the pain lessening and this phase last between 4 to 12 months. What is frozen shoulder third stage? In this stage or also known as thawing phase, here you will slowly regain some motion on your shoulder and the pain will slightly go away. Although have not fully as a health shoulder can be, but you will be able to do many things with your shoulder and arms. This last stage last 5 month and forever with proper maintenance on your shoulder.

Knowing about What is Frozen Shoulder Cause

What is frozen shoulder third stage? In this stage or also known as thawing phase, here you will slowly regain some motion on your shoulder and the pain will slightly go away.

The original of what is frozen shoulder cause have not fully understood yet. Although in some cases it is recognizable, but there are some cases that need further observation. It can be happen as a result of shoulder surgery. In shoulder surgery, the muscles, joint and bone stop working for a while because of the recovery. Slow treatment such as simple stretching will do well for maintain the shoulder movement. Remember to always get suggestion from physician and medical examiner for any stretches and exercise. Aside from that, there is also some cause by diabetic disease, heart disease and stroke.

Knowing What is Frozen Shoulder Treatment

After knowing those cause and symptoms, it is time to knowing what is frozen shoulder better handling to make the pain go away. Notice that some people rehabs get better over 18 to 24 month treatment. While there is some other case that the symptoms continue for several years. You can consume anti-inflammatory medication, or even get corticosteroid injection for more severe case. Other treatment would be minor shoulder exercise and physiotherapy. With appropriate treatment consult with physician and medical examiner it is possible to regain health and kiss good bye to what is frozen shoulder pain.