Shoulder Blade Pain: The Common Symptoms and Causes

Shoulder Blade Pain

The hectic lifestyle of people today lead to various health problems that were not usually occurred in old days, Shoulder blade pain is a common health problem experienced by people, especially for those who work on computer or sit for long hours in same position without moving much. Actually, this position result many stresses on several of body parts such as legs, back, hands, neck, and shoulder blades. Shoulder blade itself is a triangular shaped bone that connects arm bone with collarbone. The shoulder blade in the medical term is called as the scapula. Actually, shoulder blade pain and shoulder strain are common problem for people. In most cases of this pain, there is nothing to be worried. But, sometimes, it could be a serious problem. So, it is very important to get plenty information about pain in shoulder to know whether you have experienced this problem or not and you can also understand the symptoms and how to treat this problem.

There are some common symptoms of shoulder blade pain experienced by people such as inflammation and pain in shoulder. These symptoms are mostly experienced by the people with this problem or people with shoulder strain. But, such a type of shoulder pain also results in hindrance in the free movement of shoulders. The other symptoms of this problem are including numbness, signifying injury to arteries and veins, swelling, deformity, color changes, and many more. In most of cases, the symptoms will vanish in a day or two. However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a serious either. It is important to understand various symptoms of shoulder blade pain to know more about it. The sufferers may experience left shoulder pain or right shoulder pain.

Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain

Before you know more about how to treat this problem, you need to know the causes of shoulder pain. There is several things cause shoulder pain. Gallbladder problems are the common causes of this pain. You may think that shoulder blade pain and shoulder pain is same. Actually, it is not the case for all times because pain in shoulder could be the result of other disorder that exists in the body such as a gallbladder attack. Gallbladder attack is actually the common cause of right shoulder pain. It can cause pain under right shoulder blade. In this case, gallstones are disrupting the normal bile flow that causes pain in the upper region of stomach. Further, this pain moves to the right shoulder and the pain will be experienced in the right shoulder area.

Shoulder Blade Pain

In addition to gallbladder problems, injury in the shoulder may also lead to shoulder blade pain. A severe injury or blow to shoulder blade may lead to unbeatable pain. But, the level of pain is depending on the intensity of injury. Another reason for pain in shoulder is rheumatoid arthritis. Actually, it is a bone related disorder that cause weakness and damage to the shoulder, so it results in shoulder pain. Osteoporosis is also one of the causes of this shoulder pain. Osteoporosis is condition where the calcium in the bones drops that makes the bones become brittle. Such disorder may also cause shoulder pain. Generally, most of people are now aware of their sitting positions, particularly if they sit for long hours. Actually, incorrect sitting positions are a common cause of shoulder pain. Structural abnormalities in the shoulder bones and muscles sometimes can also lead to shoulder blade pain. When someone experience liver abscess, they can also experience right shoulder blade. Liver abscess is condition caused by bacteria. In this condition, liver gets damages and lead to right shoulder pain.

In addition to the causes mentioned above, actually there are still many other causes of shoulder pain such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bursitis. In some cases, shoulder pain may also be the symptom of heart attack. So, what is the cause of left shoulder pain? One of the common causes of this pain is scapula fracture. Scapula fractures account 1 percent of broken bones. They are extremely painful. Sometimes they are accompanied by some traumatic injuries such as concussion, fractures, spinal cord damage, and punctured lungs. The common symptoms related to scapula fracture are severe pain when moving affected side arm, skin abrasions, and shoulder swelling. Other causes of left shoulder pain are subcapularis strain and Pancoast tumor. Pancoast tumor or sulcus tumor is lung cancer, which manifest in the upper lobes of lung and may spread to the neighboring tissues such as ribs and vertebrae. Pancoast tumor is typically malignant, then develop in the upper lobes of lung, grow into large mass, invade chest wall, and destroy neck and shoulder nerves. Smoking is the most common cause of this tumor.

Shoulder Blade Pain Treatment

Shoulder Blade Pain

Everyone who experience shoulder blade pain of course want to treatment this problem properly. The first thing you must do when you are suffering from this pain is pausing for a while and also thinking about your sitting posture and daily activities. You need to improve your posture and sitting positions. If you suffer an external injury and find sign of inflammation, you can apply an icepack on shoulder blade three times per day to relief it. You can also do shoulder blade pain exercises to improve this condition.

In addition to having shoulder blade pain exercises, you also need to keep your diet. Diet rich in carbohydrates and protein is beneficial to build up the muscles and repair the damaged tissues. For overcoming fatigue, yoga or stretching exercise is also a good option to choose. If these methods are not effectively reducing your shoulder blade pain, you can consult to your doctor. For certain causes, treatment can be advised by doctor.

It is also important to learn about self care techniques to improve your pain. You can try to sleep on your back. You can also try to lighten your load. When you are using a back pack, it is better to put it on both of shoulders than slinging it at just one side. If you are working at computer for many hours, take some breaks to move around. With better living habits, of course it wills relief your shoulder blade pain.