Pain under Shoulder Blades, an Overall View

Daily activities require us to do many things, moving our hand and shoulder, carry heavy weight anywhere, anytime and it can cause pain under shoulder blade. Hand and shoulder is inseparable movement. Running, fast walking, gardening, driving, requires a simultaneous movement of hand and shoulder. Weekly or monthly you went to the groceries, buying a lot of stuff. Those stuff although carry by cart along the way, but n some point you have to carry it yourself, for example transferred the groceries to a car or home. Every day a student and teenager bring their heavy book with backpack to school and other place. Those normal activates can cause pain in the shoulder without we ever noticing.

The pain under shoulder blade can happen a lot since the shoulder blades carries complex structure of joints, muscles, and bones which simultaneously move side by side. The pain can range from small minor pain that can be healed easily just by taking a rest at home to a big major injury that requires immediate medical treatment. The symptoms can vary from just a pain tingling, swelling, numbness, straining, spraining, bruising, color changing, change range of motion and bleeding.

Pain under Shoulder Blade: Right Side

The pain under shoulder blade location can be differentiating in to two places which are under right shoulder blade and left shoulder blade. Both pains under shoulder blade location have a different output of pain cause, symptoms and medication, although there are also similarities between right and left. In some cases the pain can heal and gone by itself, but in another cases the pain can evolve and need further care.

The pain under right shoulder blade can give you a warning that there is something wrong with your body. One of the most happening reasons of pain under shoulder blade to people is because of their incorrect posture during their activities. Sometimes they didn’t even realize how their posture can result in pain under shoulder blade. Incorrect sleeping position, slouching, placing your hand too far from computer and other similar thing can contribute into muscle strain and sprain. Other cause can be more severe, like arthritis, Gallbladder attack, heart attack, liver disease and breast cancer.

Pain under Shoulder Blade: Left Side

Usually pain under left shoulder blade happening because of the overuse of the muscles and can cause strain, sprain and even swelling.

Usually pain under left shoulder blade happening because of the overuse of the muscles and can cause strain, sprain and even swelling. Heavier cause also can be result from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis or even bone fracture because of outside cause accident. But there is also severe cause that can also result to pain under shoulder blade. The origin pain sometimes not in the shoulder blade, but it can felt there. Gallbladder attack, inflammation of pleura, pericardium or pancreas area, ulcers in the stomach, heart attack and ectopic pregnancy are severe cases that can result in pain under shoulder blade.

Pain under Shoulder Blade Treatment

In many cases, treatment to shoulder blade pain can be done at home. Resting is important first treatment to be done after you feel aches. Afterwards, determine what kind of pain or injury that you experience. Contact medical examiner to seek through this. Sometimes regulate exercise, massages, and pain killers or anti-inflammatory medication will do well. But in several severe cases surgery is a must to examination of pain under shoulder blade.