Pain between Shoulder Blades Causes and Treatments

Pain between shoulder blades is not something you should ignore. In fact, you should never ignore any pain that happens in your body, because they are the signs that something is going wrong, especially if the pain does not disappear within a couple of days. Pain between shoulder blades and neck, pain between shoulder blades and chest pain, and pain between shoulder blades during pregnancy usually are symptoms of different conditions, which may range from fatal diseases to easily treatable physical damage. Here are some causes and treatments that are possible.

Pain between Shoulder Blades Caused by Gallbladder and Heart Attack

Pain between shoulder blades could mean gallbladder or gallstones disease. The source of this disease is on the upper right of the abdomen, which then could be felt on the right shoulder or between shoulder blades. The pain could usually last from fifteen minutes to several hours. It happens without a warning and it could be very severe. Sweating and vomiting are normal accompaniments for the symptoms and it might not re-occur until weeks or even years. Oily meal is a known trigger for this pain and it should be removed by a surgery.

A heart attack in females could also be signified by pain between shoulder blades instead of the usual left chest pain. Shortness of breaths, sweating, chest discomfort, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and fatigue are commonly happening along with the pain. Immediate action should be taken with the heart attack, so it is better to act quickly and call the emergency facility even if you are not sure about the cause. It is much better to be safer than sorry.

Pain between Shoulder Blades Caused by Liver and Esophageal Cancer

There are two types of liver cancer that are indicated by pain between shoulder blades. The first type is the cancer that starts from the liver. It is called the primary cancer and it is considered lucky if your pain indicates this cancer as it can be treated sooner. The second type is the secondary liver cancer, which means that the cancer started somewhere else and has spread into the liver. Other indications include hard lump in the belly, discomfort on the upper right side of the abdomen and jaundice.

There are two types of liver cancer that are indicated by pain between shoulder blades.

Esophageal cancer is harder to detect and usually by the time it was detected, it has reached an advanced stage. Besides pain between shoulder blades, the symptoms include difficulty in swallowing and the feeling that foods are stuck between in the chest or the throat. Sometimes blood can also be found with the vomiting and the coughing.

Other Causes for Pain between Shoulder Blades

Other possible causes are not as scary as other causes above. In fact, there are many shoulder pains that are diagnosed as muscle strain and stress, incorrect sleeping position or other injuries caused from sports. There are also pains that are caused by bra worn incorrectly and those aches from old age. They could be treated easily enough from over the counter medicines like pain relievers or muscle relaxers. It is advised to always consult your doctor of your symptoms, though, even if it turns out minor because pain between shoulder blades is quite a risky symptom.

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