Shoulder Pain while throwing

Shoulder pain may occur on various types of sporting activities like, throwing a ball, lifting weight, benching, swimming, running, cycling, blowing and squatting. The elbow gets injured during throwing related sports because the elbow undergoes extreme torque. Throwing athletes put a lot of torque on their upper limb when they’re throwing and most frequently the elbow as well as their shoulder are injured in a throwing injury. Most of the time ligaments and ulnar collateral ligament will be injured inside the elbow.

In growing athletes or young kids who still have open growth plates, their growth plates can be affected. In older athletes who’ve been throwing for years, maybe in their twenties or mid-thirties from ligament overuse overtime or from ligament injury over time, cartilage and bone can now start getting deteriorated and can lead to arthritis in the elbow as well. Depending on what you have, treatment might be something very simple…rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, avoiding throwing for a short period of time and then for athletes that throw a lot.

If you’re having pain on the inside of your elbow every time you throw, especially if it’s affecting your stamina, your speed, your ability to throw or you’re getting numbness and tingling in the hand or any kind of stiffness and instability, then you should probably think about going and seeing an elbow specialist. Surgery for a throwing injury to the elbow would be indicated if you have a complete ligament tear in the elbow and it affects your ability to throw, it affects your speed, it affects your stamina and causes you unbearable pain in your elbow.

The surgery would involve reconstruction of a brand-new ligament on the inside of the elbow. The medial collateral ligament which could be reconstructed with a tendon taken from your forearm or taken from somebody else, from a cadaver – somebody that’s passed away, also known as allograft tendon.